Coaching for AMIE

AMIE exam is the most popular graduate level examination in the country wherein more than one lakh students attempts examination every semester. The main problem faced by AMIE students is the unavailability of the right kind of tuition as demanded by the nature of AMIE examination. Apart from the conventional style, the AMIE exam has its own marks pattern and grade system. Students with superficial knowledge on the subject will not be able to score minimum grade for pass. As for an employed student, his official and personnel work schedules puts addition limits on systematically preparing for study.

Keeping this in mind, and to help students clear all subjects in minimum chance we conduct Regular full time, Part-time and postal classes for Section A and B examinations. Our faculty with their vast exposure to AMIE coaching will assist and guide you in your studies.

AMIE Section A

AMIE tuition programme for Section A full time (Diploma and Non-diploma) commences in the third week of June and December every year. Those who already registered for the course (ST/T members) can join for our coaching classes. Students seeking admission may contact office.

  1. Classes handled by AMIE experienced faculty
  2. Computer-set course materials.
  3. Convenient timing.

AMIE Section B

Tuition offered for the following branches of AMIE Section B
  1. Mechanical Engg.
  2. Civil Engg.
  3. Electrical Engg.
  4. Electronics Engg.
  5. Computer Science.
  6. Chemical Engg.